Alaskanese Caterpillar Catastrophe

August 29th, 2008


Isabelle was Alaskanese, meaning she was from Alaska. And not the pretty part. No, she lived in the coldest, harshest, most desolate area capable of supporting human life. So when her brother told her that they were going to live with her cousins in Arizona for a year, she was ecstatic. Arizona would be the complete opposite of Alaska - hot 24/7, 365 days a year. She quickly got to packing what little she had to call her own into her duffel bag and brought it to her brother, who threw it onto the back of their decrepit old truck.
"Get in, we're leaving," he called to Isabelle, who was standing frozen in the doorway. He followed her gaze and found what had captured her attention: maybe ten yard from the truck, caterpillars were raining from the sky. He looked up to find the source and discovered that a small worm-hole had appeared in the sky. Confused and frightened for his sister, Cody went to grab Isabelle, but found that she was actually walking toward that which was clearly defying all laws of physics. She was two feet away when her brother called out, telling her to stop. She stopped, two feet later. She looked at the mess of caterpillars with amazement as some of them wiggled up to her, moving to form a hand with one of them in it. She put her hand down and held it out as a dozen or so wiggled into her palm. She watched them as they seemed to converse between one another, and then she finally heard her brother's shouting. She knew it was time to send them back. The caterpillars softly wigged in her hand spelling out 'goodbye.'