Alfred’s Flying House

August 21st, 2008


Alfred and Rupert were best friends, the closest a banana and peach pudding could possibly be. The problem was, Alfred tended to be very reckless and imaginative, whereas Rupert always thought everything through before making a decision. Any unlikely duo, one might think, but it worked just fine for them. Alfred got Rupert to experience the carefree side of life, while Rupert kept Alfred from getting himself into more than he could handle. So, when Alfred came to Rupert talking about making the house into a rocket, the automatic response was "No, not happening." Little did Rupert know, however, that Alfred would not be dissuaded by a simple "no"; he really want to take the house up into space.
Content with averting yet another crisis, Rupert grabbed a book from his personal collection and settled into his favorite pudding-shaped chair for another long day of reading. Alfred, on the other hand, was busy scavenging the nearest junkyard for the necessary pieces to make his newest invention. Some scrap metal here, a few wires there. Within a few hours he had everything he need to make the house airborne and capable of space travel. He was faced with a problem, however: Rupert was sure to notice while he was setting everything up. To buy himself some time, Alfred told Rupert about a new bookstore that he should go check out. Rupert jumped at the offer and was gone in a flash, leaving Alfred alone to "renovate" the house. Hours went by as he dug and welded and slowly transformed the house into a make-shift rocket. Alfred was just adding the finishing touches when Rupert came through the door. He took a minute to look over the changes to the interior of the house before focusing on Alfred.
"What did you do?" he asked, sounding almost frightened.
"I'll show you, just hang on a sec."
He pushed a large red button. The house shook, the ground rumbled, and then there was a cracking sound as the house detached itself from the ground. It was a perfect lift-off.