November 18th, 2005


You took my heart and you made me believe
Made me believe that you cared
But you didn't
You didn't care
Not about me
I was just another pretty face in the crowd
But the damage had already been done
It was incorrigible, you had me
Had me believing you were someone, something else
It was your fault, at first
But then I messed up, I ruined it
I said no
Didn't think much of it at the time
Didn't really think you'd care
But it was her that told me
She told me you were sad, disappointed
I didn't believe it at first, couldn't believe it
But then you became distant, I was losing you
But wait, how was I losing you?
I thought you had me, not the other way around
So then I realized it, realized that you had cared
But it was too late, you were gone
Lost forever to me
All because I had refused to believe