Bob’s Short Story

September 7th, 2005


It was Bob the Sad Sausage's last day in Sausatopia before he had to go find his friend Joe the Triple Cheeseburger that he had met on the planet Burger King in the Galaxy of Delicious Food (GDF). He was saying his final goodbyes when suddenly he noticed something: an empty bottle of A2 Steak Sauce. So he thought to himself "What's an empty bottle of A2 doing here in Sausatopia, land of the Sausages?" He was so puzzled that he asked a fellow Sausage. When the Sausage turned around he was terrified! As you know, the Steaks and Sausages had been at war for hundreds of years, but mysteriously stopped sometime later. Then only a few short years later they captured Bob and held him hostage for absolutely no apparent reason. After being rescued he was still being chased by the Steaks so he hid on a deserted planet in the GDF. He had hoped that the Steaks would give up and go home, but now... An empty bottle can only mean it once was full and if it once was full then it must have been used on something and if it's an A2 bottle then it stands to reason that it's contents were used while eating a Steak. This means that the Steaks will once again go to war. That is, unless Bob does something about it. So off he went to set things straight when suddenly, everything went black...