Joe’s Morbid Winter

October 1st, 2008


Joe lived next door to the boy with the magical snowman. At the age of 5 Joe had been diagnosed with a rare disease that caused his hands to shake uncontrollably when exposed to temperatures below 32° Fahrenheit. Because of this disease, Joe was not allowed to go outside during the cold winter months. He had to stay inside while all the other children played outside in the snow. He watched them go sledding, have snowball fights, build snow forts, lay down and make snow angels, and he watched them build snowmen. He watched them smile as they made their snowmen and show them off with pride to friends. He hated it. He hated the other kids and their stupid snowmen. Why should they have all the fun when he was stuck inside with nothing to do? He knew what he would do: he would destroy them. He would destroy all the snowmen and with them the children's happiness. Then he wouldn't be the only one. He smiled a wicked smile and he devised his wicked plan. The next day he bundled up real good and went out to the tool shed. He had constantly been warned not to use it, but he grabbed the flamethrower and set out to do his wicked deed. House to house he went, burning all the snowmen. Big ones, small ones, girl ones, boy ones - all the snowmen were destroyed. Then he reached the house of his neighbor, the boy with the magical snowman. He had watched the boy with his snowman as it flew over his house and he knew he would save that one for last. Nobody should have a magical snowman if he couldn't even have a regular snowman. He approached the magical snowman, grinned his wicked grin, and turned the flamethrower on. The snowman's face twisted in agony and was lost in the pile of snow that had been its body. The deed complete, Joe quickly ran home, putting the flamethrower back and racing up to his room, as if nothing had ever happened.