My Adventure v1

December 18th, 2004


One day I was on the Alvin with Bob the parrot. When we got really far down it became pitch black, I turned on the lights and practically fell over. In front of me were thousands of black, tube-like fish things that were about the size of a basketball. I call them "mouth monsters" because they had a huge mouth that could have swallowed my head whole! They were scary! But when they cleared away I noticed something. I noticed many hydrothermal vents. It was then that I knew why these creatures were here. They were attracted to the heat of the hydrothermal vents. Just then Bob started squawking really loudly. When I turned around it was too late, the monsters had bitten off part of the submarine and eaten Bob. Since the submarine was starting to cave in under the immense pressure, I swam out. It was HOT! I felt like I was gonna die. Then I looked down and saw the vents. So that's why it is so hot down here, I thought. Then one of the mouth monsters bit my ankle. I tried not to scream in fear that I would breathe in water, so I kept swimming and kicking my leg to get the monster off of my ankle. I finally did. But just then I saw a weird mer-bunny. It swam up to me and offered me its hand. It was a big creature, but it looked friendly, so I accepted. When I touched it's hand the mer-bunny transformed into a beautiful princess. She took me to her palace where I could finally breathe. Then she took me to her room. She finally talked to me, telling me that she had no parents; the mouth monsters had eaten them. She had come home one day and found nothing but a couple of limbs as the remains of her parents, the rest of the people had fled when the monsters had come. She was now very afraid and tried to save people from the terrible fate of her parents. When she saw my ankle she said that it must be treated quickly or else I will die. She said that the mouth monsters had some kind of very poisonous venom in their bodies that they release when they bite someone. If bitten, you have only 1 hour before you start feeling the effects and only one more hour before you die. While she was treating my ankle she told me that her name is Arian. She said, "My name is princess Arian. Please feel free to stay as long as you like." So for five fun years we played and had fun together. Then one day a nasty, mean person came. "My name is Winston and I have come to slay everyone. But since there is nobody to slay, can I stay for a cup of tea?" So we had tea and he told us that he worked for the king of the mouth monsters and had been assigned the task of murdering Arian's people. But of course he couldn't do that. So he decided to be good and get back at the king of the mouth monsters. So we hatched a plan. I would be the bait to keep the mouth monsters occupied while Arian and Winston attacked King Mouth Monster. They were stronger than me. Before they left they gave me a pill, which made it possible for me to breathe underwater. Then they left. I was scared. I was supposed to be chased by a lot of mouth monsters until Arian and Winston killed the king which would take who knows how long. But I did it anyway. The instant I left the palace the pill started working. I closed my eyes and swam forward.