My Adventure v2

December 18th, 2004


One day I was on the Alvin with my parrot Bob. We were going down under the sea. When we got really far down it became pitch black. When I turned on my lights I saw in front of me a lot of weird creatures. They were black and tube-shaped. They were about the size of a basketbal. I called them "mouth monsters" because they had a huge mouth that was big enough to swallow any person's head whole! They were really scary. When they cleared away I noticed something. I noticed many hydrothermal vents. It was then that I knew why these creatures were here. They were attracted to the heat of the vents. Then I heard Bob start squawking really loudly. When I turned around it was too late. The mouth monsters had bitten a hole in the submarine and had eaten Bob. Since the submarine was caving in under the immense pressure I swam out. When I was swimming a mouth monster got hold of my ankle and started biting it. I didn't scream because I knew that I would inhale water.
So I went on until I saw a gooble. A gooble is like a cross between a penguin and a bunny. It looked friendly so I followed it to an underwater house where I could breathe and it transformed into the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite or Venus. She was beautiful. When she saw the mouth monster she just kicked it off. While she was treating my ankle she told me that I must be careful because the mouth monsters had a poisonous venom inside their bodies that they released when they bit something. If bitten you have only one hour before you start feeling the effects and one more hour until you died. All of a sudden we heard a boom and saw that the god of the sea Poseidon or Neptune had broken into the house.
"I have come to, um, what was I supposed to do again?"
"How would we know?" answered Aphrodite.
"I don't know. I just forgot what I was supposed to do."
"You are so stupid."
"Now I remember. I was gonna kill you. Can you please just fall over and make it look like you're dead. I don't really want to kill you... I can't really kill you anyway because you're immortal. So can you please do that... as a favor, please?"
"Oh fine. Why not? What harm could it do anyway?"
So Aphrodite fell to the ground and stayed there for about fifteen minutes until Poseidon said that it was alright to get up. So Aphrodite got up and slapped Poseidon really hard. He even cried. It was so funny. She said that Poseidon was really mean and deserved to be slapped. So I just stood there and watched Poseidon and Aphrodite have a fight.