September 10th, 2008


The cold of the frigid arctic air,
And the snowflakes dancing with the wind.
Their dance ever-changing with the currents;
Sporadic, yet calm.
Skidding along the icy surface, covered
With the fresh powder of the recent snowfall.
The snowflakes continue on their journey, through the silence
Of the snow-covered wasteland.
Past the dazzling light of the Aurora Borealis and into
A tunnel filled with hanging crystals of glimmering ice.
One breaks off and shatters,
Into a million tiny pieces of shimmering light.
But the snowflakes flutter on, carried by the frosty air which
Whistles as it passes through.
The snowflakes reach the tunnel's end only to find their demise
As the wind flings them against the frozen wall,
Crushing them into a soft, snowy powder.