The Angry Cupcake

December 15th, 2008


Otis' father, Frederick, had been the owner of a very popular diner in the nearby town of Renid-Ecalp. His wife, Isabelina, had been Miss Muffinette 3 years in a row. All of the muffinettes in the towns near Niffum-Nap had looked up to her as a role model. All but one.
Casandra was a vain muffinette, who wanted all the glory for herself! Three times she had been a finalist in the Miss Muffinette pageant and three times she had lost to Isabelina. Nothing could stop her from achieving her goal - not even the deadliest of deeds. So over many years she devised a wicked plan that would leave Isabelina heartbroken.
Isabelina and Frederick had a baby muffin, named Otis. He was an adorable little blob of batter, still forming his true shape. He was the joy of their life, and Casandra knew this. She was going to take him away. But not to a land far, far away - they would expect that. No, she was going to take him just far enough that they would never think to look there.
She knew of a small cottage that had been passed down in her family through many generations. It was just on the edge of Niffum-Nap and in good condition despite the fact that nobody had live there for many years. It would be the perfect place to hide the young muffin. With her plan all in place, Casandra had to find a chance to perform her most deadliest of deeds.
It was Otis' first birthday and everybody in Niffum-Nap was invited! His parents were just so excited. Casandra knew this would be the perfect time. So when she got to the party she acted like she was happy for Isabelina and Frederick while she really had her eyes on Otis. She lured him outside with blueberries until he got to the gate. Then she snatched him up and whisked him away to his new home for the next few years.
The cottage was nice and cozy, but it didn't feel right to Otis. And why weren't his parents there? He missed his mom and dad. Ever since that night, he always had dreams about them. He didn't understand anything. All he could remember was blueberries, and then a room that smelled like pumpkin bread. Sometimes Casandra came to visit, but she never talked much. Otis was 4-years-old now. Almost a full-grown muffin! But he was confused. And where were his parents? He cried. And he thought. He began to realize that he needed to be strong. He needed to prove to his parents - wherever they were - that he was strong. He wasn't just going to give up! He stopped crying, got up, and set himself to work. Not knowing when, or if, he would be allowed to leave the cottage, he decided to straighten it up and make it feel more like home. He grabbed a mop and a broom and began his work! Within hours the cottage was spotless and felt more like a real home should, to Otis. Pleased with himself, he sat down on the newly washed La-Z-Boy and fell asleep.