The Epic Tale of Alfred and Rupert

October 15th, 2008


So it all started with Alfred. Alfred is a banana. He was chilling on the beach with his homie Rupert, a peach-flavored pudding. They were relaxing on the beach when suddenly Alfred heard a ringing sound. He looked down and realized that he was peeling!
"Oh snap!" Alfred exclaimed.
"What?" asked Rupert.
"I'm peeling!"
"Oh no," Rupert looked down. "I'm peeling too!"
"You know what this means," said Alfred.
"I do?"
"We must find the Aloe Man!"
"Because we have sunburns and he will be able to give us Aloe Vera Gel!"
"Ok, sounds good."
So off they went in search of the Aloe Man when they came across a spork.
"Hey look," said Alfred, "it's a spork!"
"Shh, it's rude to stare."
"Oh well."
They continued on their journey until finally they saw it: the house of the Aloe Man. They approached the door but it opened and out stepped the Aloe Man in his Hawaiian print t-shirt and shorts.
"Hey dudes!" said the Aloe Man.
"Hi!" Alfred replied.
"D'you guys need something?"
"We are in dire need of Aloe Vera Gel! Please help us!"
"Well ok, I'll be right back then."
Unfortunately, that was all the time it took for the skin cancer to set in - Alfred and Rupert died. Then the Aloe Man came back.
"Hey I got you-oh, snap. I should hide these in case the Feds come..."