The History of the Chocolate Bunny

October 2nd, 2008


Anfreda and Rupert had known it was true love. Unfortunately, since Rupert was being drafted into the bunny military for the Great Carrot War, their time together was short. So they had an amazing bunny wedding and did what bunnies do best: they tried to multiply. When Anfreda was finally on her way, however, her rare disease did its thing and she lost it. Not long after, Rupert was called in for service. He wanted to badly to stay and comfort his distraught wife, but he had no choice. So off to war he went, leaving Anfreda to deal with her sorrows alone. She almost seemed to be getting by alright until one day she heard a knock at the door.
"Is this the home of Anfreda, wife of Rupert?" asked the voice behind the door.
"Yes," she replied, shakily, as she opened the door to let him in.
"Thank you. As you know, your husband was drafted into the bunny military for the Great Carrot War?"
"Well, I regret to tell you that I come bearing the most unfortunate news. There was a tragic accident and Rupert was run over by a giant spool. I'm sorry."
Everything that Anfreda had been working to keep inside came out right then. She grabbed the rolling pin still on the counter from her last cake and smacked it across the man's head, splitting his skull. She then drizzled his body with chocolate and threw it into the oven, thus inventing the chocolate bunny.