When Muffins Attack

March 12th, 2006


At 3:00pm on Monday, the 20th day of the month of March in the year 2016 in Allentown, Pennsylvania on the east coast of the United States of America in North America on the planet Earth in the solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy in the local group in the Huniverse (silent "h"), Muffins will take over the world! It will be up to Aileend and Paige to save their friend Adria from the chocolaty clutches of the Muffin King (who is ironically human), who has somehow fallen in love with her even though they have never met. There will be kidnappings, deaths, battles, and Muffins - but only one side can prevail! Now on with the story…

"Hey Paige," Adria asked, "what time is it?"
"Hey look," said Aileend, "what's that?"
The three looked up and saw big things in the sky that seemed to resemble Muffins.
"Time?" asked Aileend.
"Time," Paige replied.
"Yay! Time for Muffins to achieve world domination!" Adria shrieked while clapping her hands excitedly.
"Let's get some popcorn and watch!" Aileend suggested.
So off they went to get some popcorn, oblivious to what was going to happen in the next 15 minutes.

"Hey Muffin 2," said Muffin 1, "ask Muffin 3 if he could do me a favor."
"Sure thing Muffin 1. Hey Muffin 3!"
"Muffin 1 wants to know if you could do him a favor."
"Sure I could. What's the favor?"
"Hey Muffin 1, Muffin 3 wants to know what the favor is."
"Tell him to get me a cup of coffee."
"Sure thing Muffin 1. Hey Muffin 3!"
"Muffin 1 wants you to get him a cup of coffee."
"And I need you to talk to Muffin B as well."
"Will do. Hey Muffin 4!"
"Tell Muffin B I need to talk to him - Muffin 2's request."